Client: Channel Assist Ltd

A great opportunity for a brand new client for doozer – to redevelop their website for design and editorial content. Working in the Field Marketing Industry their service offerings were so extensive  they were having trouble communicating themselves effectively to their website visitors.

As is often the case the client was ‘too close’ to the subject and lacked clarity on what to present and how to present it. Much of the language used was very technical and impenetrable to all but industry experts which was leading to a high bounce-rate on their site.

This required some strategic thinking and modifying the service categories they had been working with to that date in order to make a clearer set of offerings. Once that was decided it was down to us to prioritise the messaging and write all new copy for the top level messaging to make them more attention grabbing and ‘sticky’, and the more in-depth body copy to read more conversationally and easier to approach.

After that we just had to build a clean, professional and approachable site to bring it all together.

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