Client: Helen Hall/Perpetual Forward Motion

Helen Hall is a physical therapy professional working at the very cutting edge of Gait Analysis, sports injury recovery, and performance coaching.

She came to me very dissatisfied with her current brand and website as she did not feel it accurately communicated who she was or what she was about.

Before embarking on the design of the new brand and website design I spent an entire day with her learning about the technology and techniques she employs in order to get the right balance of information and ‘feel’.

From this meeting I was very quickly able to understand what was missing from her current online presence and new exactly how to get the right message across.

It was so simple – Dom ‘got me’.  He came to visit, watched as I worked and extracted from the chaos the simple message I’d been trying to get across for years.  I knew what I didn’t want in my logo, and from that brief he miraculously came up with exactly what I did want.  After that, the website build process followed seamlessly.  What I’d put off because I expected it to take forever was started and completed within weeks.  He chunked it down so I could easily apply myself to any information he needed and steered me back on course when I started to disappear down the rabbit warren.  He responded swiftly to any of my requests and very quickly we had a website that “made sense” – and that feedback came from one of my clients!  In the Information Age we live in, there’s only a short window of opportunity to capture the attention of your future clients, and Dom’s creative and savvy insight have secured my position on-line as a site worth entering and staying awhile.  I can’t recommend him highly enough! Helen Hall