Client: Use your Noggin

Doozer executed a full ground-up rebrand of Use Your Noggin, with the goal of creating a more fun, engaging and human experience.

The core idea came from making the ‘i’ of noggin in to a cartoon character that could be used in all material, removing the need for stock imagery (which the previous brand relied on) and freeing us to create 100% bespoke imagery for the entire brand. This gave rise to a host of sub characters to be used specific to products and exercises, and a series of animated videos explaining Noggins services and approach.

Click on any of the images below to see the animated shorts.

All creative, we design and animations were created in-house by Doozer. Very few projects make it to the final iteration remaining this close to the original concept. A great result and a very satisfied customer!

A new client was recently recommended 3 potential suppliers, looked at our website and didn’t bother calling the other 2. “Straightforward and engaging, and clearly communicated what you are all about”. Ben Houghton, CEO Noggin