The client: is a coaching company focussed on wellbeing. Their ethos is that to perform to your best professionally, you must look after your own physical, and mental requirements first. Their goal is to help people realise exactly what makes them thrive, help them incorporate that in to their lives. A balanced and fulfilled lifestyle leads to increased performance in all areas of your life.

They are London based and wanted this to be integral in their brand & website.

The problem: To create a logo, brand and website to communicate this offering, as it is sometimes a little hard for people to grasp.

The solution: In order to communicate the busy lifestyles that are the route cause of the problem, I chose to use a website structure with a full page video landing page. The video shows professionals in London in a time-lapse format to give the impression of the hectic paced lives common to urban professionals. This is overlaid with a series sentences that help communicate the overall message of the brand.

The rest of the site is a one-page smooth scrolling site to provide the site visitor more detail and a means of contact.

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